Choice Tucker!

Eat well…travel often.

Choice tucker is Kiwi slang for excellent food! This page is to highlight all the wonderful culinary experiences I am having in New Zealand. Food should be enjoyed with friends, and although the distance makes that physically impossible, please know that I am thinking of you my foodie friends!

May:  Melbourne and Wellington

I didn’t have the chance to see much of Melbourne, but I did have some memorable food! Click on a picture to see what it is. The bottom row is from Wellington. 

April: Breakfast and Brunch

20180411_140455.jpgWellington has more cafes than I have ever seen!  With so many delicious places to eat, it is really hard to decide. When I am in the mood for an awesome breakfast though, it has to be Beach Babylon on Oriental Parade. It is jam packed on the weekends, but I have found that a slow Monday or Friday is the best time. My favorite is Persian Eggs. Turkish bread, poached eggs, fried halloumi, beetroot puree AND smoked yogurt! Yup…smoked. yogurt. They make it in-house, and honestly, it is why I get this dish every time.

And pan fried halloumi…YUM! Most restaurants have it as an option with many dishes, and I will definitely learn how to do that when I get home! 20180419_133313.jpg

I also want to learn how to make this Buddha Bowl that I had at Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant. Roasted spiced carrot & mint, fried halloumi, wild rice pilaf with cranberry, toasted chickpeas, fresh spinach and creamy almond dressing. With a house made hibiscus soda, it was a truly satisfying brunch!

March: Desserts and Le Cordon Bleu

So while my girls were visiting me the last two weeks of March, I must admit I ate more than my usual share of desserts…hey…with three women who love food in a town of amazing food that is to be expected! Unfortunately,  I only ended up taking a few pics because I scarfed them down before remembering to share (figuratively and literally). 

While visiting Rotorua we had a lovely tea time dessert sampler at Urbano Bistro.  But, it was at Atticus Finch (love the name) that I had the most perfect Coconut Panacotta with Raspberry/Rhubarb sauce and Meringue Crisps…I have got to learn how to do that!!

Dessert sampler
Coconut Panacotta


For my birthday I had the opportunity of taking an Italian cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu NZ. Seriously, it is in my top 10 of most enjoyable days. Ever. The cooking, the pasta, the tiramisu…”sigh”. We made fresh pasta, fresh ricotta cheese, Chicken Saltimbocca, Milanese Risotto, and cannelloni with Napoli sauce and basil foam. When I get home I will be having a dinner party and making all of these dishes…remind me!

Taste of Italy


Breakfast and Dinner in Eastbourne

Before my hike to Butterfly Creek I ordered Coconut Milk Bircher (soaked muesli) at Hive Cafe, a good healthy option to start the day. However, I was starving after the hike and stopped by The Still Room, also in Eastbourne for a cheeseburger. It tasted as good as it looks!       

Coconut milk bircher and fresh fruit
Pulled beef cheek cheeseburger and chips











Around Wellington

Cheese plate inspiration at Haythornwaite Winery, Martinborough
Muesli, yogurt, and lots of fresh fruit at Trax Cafe, Wellington Station










Kelburn Village Pub is my favorite restaurant so far. The atmosphere is laid back, the wine list is great, and the food is seriously outstanding!

Cajun fish tacos with onion relish and lemon coriander dressing
Lemon Posset with berry coulis and almond shortbread











The Library Lounge is a hip joint with eclectically innovative cocktails and food. I decided to try something new with the food, but ordered a classic Old Fashioned, which was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.


Beef Carpaccio with parmesan, salted foam, and Bloody Mary dressing
Elderflower & lychee creme brulee













I popped into Mount Cook Cafe for breakfast…definitely will be coming back!

Bacon hash cake with poached egg and balsamic vinegar reduction



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