What’s working?

During a recent school visit, teachers were in the midst of  professional development. The school received a grant and utilized it for an outside resource person to come and work with teachers on academic vocabulary and oral language development, for all content, not just literacy. One staff meeting was dedicated to learning new strategies, and then the teachers were tasked with implementing them. Weeks later the PD person returned and observed teachers using the strategies, and was given time to sit and talk with each teacher about their observations. Here is a picture of a chart, that was generated at a follow-up staff meeting, which asks – What’s working?  In case you can’t read it, here are some highlights:                                                                   

           post it

  • Sentence Starters
  • Think/Pair/Share
  • Wait time
  • Thematic learning
  • TIP Chart
  • Working with a buddy
  • Whiteboards
  • Modelling
  • Visual displays
  • Re-voicing
  • Talk/Move Cards
  • Highlighting
  • Concept Circles 

I post this for two reasons. First, it is very telling (and seriously warms my heart) to see the similarities in what we find works in our classrooms at home, and what NZ teachers find works in theirs! Second, maybe there is a strategy you have forgotten about, or have not tried, or have not even heard of. Concept Circles? Nope, never heard of it – but the strategy is great and I put a link and a PDF below. Talk/Move Cards? I have seen similar strategies, but these cards are fun (and math focused) so I put them below too!  Like always, if you give it a try, I would love to hear about it (my work email still works!).  Oh, and I should mention that the poster is not small, there are only four teachers at this school. 


Concept Circles

ReadWriteThink Concept Circles



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