Farewell New Zealand

For the last 168 days I have called New Zealand home. In a few hours I will get on a flight back to Washington. Although I am looking forward to seeing my family, my friends, my pets, and my garden...it is hard to leave. I will truly miss this beautiful land and the amazing friends … Continue reading Farewell New Zealand

Teaching as Inquiry

According to the latest research by Dylan Wiliam, the effective use of Teacher Learning Communities (TLC) has an impact on student achievement (outlined in my last blog). According to the latest research conducted by John Hattie, (Visible Learning, 2018) the strongest factor connected to student achievement is Collective Teacher Efficacy (CTE). So, what's the difference? … Continue reading Teaching as Inquiry

The Thinking & Learning Conference

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Melbourne, Australia for the Thinking and Learning Conference.  I attended two full day sessions by Professor Dylan Wiliam, the author of Embedded Formative Assessment.  Professor Wiliam's sessions are filled with copious amounts data, theory, and straight-forward fact versus myth.  A much repeated phrase was, "Educators must … Continue reading The Thinking & Learning Conference